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Integrity is probably the word I'd say best fits Carl. You know you're going to see his end of the deal kept. With no surprises. And that still surprises me more than anything else.

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Bankruptcy Overview

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This difficult economic climate has let many people struggling to "stay above water" due to poor planning or unforeseen events, such as job layoffs or emergency medical expenses. Bankruptcy may provide a viable answer to those who are drowning in debt.


The most common types of consumer bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Choosing a bankruptcy chapter depends on the debtor’s current circumstances, such as income and financial history. Most bankruptcy forms and filing processes will vary from district to district, so it is therefore essential that you proceed with the most caution possible when filing your bankruptcy case in the state of Florida.


Although bankruptcy has the potential to alleviate your debts and protect you from creditor harassment, it is still not a simple process. There is a great array of factors to consider before filing any type of bankruptcy case. Our highly experienced bankruptcy attorney is ready to help and get you back to financial freedom and away from debt and uncertainty. Please fill out our form to receive a Free Case Review to look over your debt, and let our corporate lawyer list your legal options. Call The Strategic Legal Group Today! - (954) 323-6712.

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The Strategic Legal Group is dedicated to excellence and providing our clients with aggressive high quality representation. Our Lawyers offers an entire range of cost effective legal services for people from all walks of life and culture.

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