Carl is the type of person that surprises you. On a regular basis. Just when you're sure you know the breadth and depth of his talent and resources, you get surprised. There's always more.


Integrity is probably the word I'd say best fits Carl. You know you're going to see his end of the deal kept. With no surprises. And that still surprises me more than anything else.

mr. John Brown

(New York)


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South Florida Commercial Litigation Attorneys



If you or your business is faced with commercial litigation matters, turn to the skilled south Florida commercial litigation attorney at the Boca Raton Florida, law office of The Strategic Legal Group, PLLC



Our south Florida commercial litigation attorney provides a level of personal care and commitment that goes beyond what many firms offer. As neighbors in the south Florida community, we want to see your business succeed and prosper.



Contact our Boca Raton, Florida commercial litigation lawyer today for smart advice and experienced representation in regard to a wide range of commercial litigation matters, including:



complex commercial litigation


breach of contract, failure to perform contractual duty


partnership dissolution


freight claims practices, freight claims in regard to shipment of commercial goods


construction lien litigation


resolving disputes between owners of closely held companies


In the business world, having a skilled lawyer you can count on is worth its weight in gold. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the skilled commercial law professionals at The Strategic Legal Group, are looking out for you and your company's best interests.


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