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Chapter 7 Bankrutpcy Overview

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


About Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: People throughout Florida struggle to pay their bills each month, and more & more are finding themselves falling farther behind in debt. Failing to reconcile these problems can ultimately lead to losing your home, vehicle, investments and other personal property. Our bankruptcy attorney has dedicated a large part of his law practice to assisting clients get a fresh start financially, and removing their burden of debt.


Please contact The Strategic Legal Group now to arrange a Free Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Consultation at your convince. When our clients file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection, they are beginning to take the necessary steps that allow them to move past their debt and difficult financial times. It also gives our clients the ability to obtain the opportunity for a fresh start in their personal or business finances.


A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing relieves a person from having to pay for most of their debts, including medical bills, credit card balances, and court judgments against them.

Certain types of debt such as government fines, most taxes, student loans and child and/or spousal support usually cannot be waived in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing. Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will also cause the liquidation of non-exempt assets by the United States Trustee. The bankruptcy trustee will evaluate and sell off the debtor’s non-exempt assets to pay off creditors that you owe. However, the silver lining is in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy the debtor is able to keep all property that is exempt.


• Our attorneys discuss with you what will work best for your unique situation

• Outstanding communication with our clients, keeping you up to date with your bankruptcy filing

• Don't be on another lawyer's back-burner, we keep you in front of mind and we will not rest until we get your case resolved!