Carl is the type of person that surprises you. On a regular basis. Just when you're sure you know the breadth and depth of his talent and resources, you get surprised. There's always more.


Integrity is probably the word I'd say best fits Carl. You know you're going to see his end of the deal kept. With no surprises. And that still surprises me more than anything else.

mr. John Brown

(New York)


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Criminal Law Overview

Criminal Defense:


The Bill of Rights is not a list of rights you have under the Constitution. In fact the Nineth Amendment provides that although the Bill of Rights names certain rights, such naming does not remove other rights retained by citizens.  The Bill of Rights in about what the government is prohibited from doing to you!


The government is not allow to take your liberty from you without you having competent counsel, and a fair hearing.


Fourth Amendment -


Protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure

Ensures that government issues warrants only with “probable cause”


Fifth Amendment -


Gives citizens the right not to testify against themselves (privilege against self-incrimination)

Prevents government from trying citizens twice for the same crime (double jeopardy)

Creates the right to due process

Provides that government cannot take private property for public use without just compensation


Sixth Amendment -


Provides the right to a speedy public trial with an impartial jury

Provides the right to know what criminal accusations a citizen faces

Provides the right to have witnesses both against and for the accused

Provides the right to an attorney


The Strategic Legal Group is fully committed to our clients, and we tailor our services to each client’s individual needs. We really pride ourselves in our ability to achieve effective and efficient legal solutions, either through discovery motions and trial negotiations, our lawyers and staff are absolutely dedicated to providing our clients with compassion and personalized representation. Our law firm's goal is to develop a relationships with our clients, one that is built on trust and understanding. The Strategic Legal Group's outstanding reputation has attracted a wide spectrum of clients, spanning from individuals of all backgrounds.


What makes us unique from another local attorney?

The Strategic Legal Group is dedicated to excellence and providing our clients with aggressive high quality representation. Our Lawyers offer an entire range of cost effective legal services for people from all walks of life and culture.


Legal course of action

Choosing how to tackle your case is large part of the legal system battle. Correct legal guidance and direction is key to having a successful case!


What are you paying for?

A lot of lawyers charge high hourly fees, but will have a paralegal or junior attorney do the work.


Legal case strategy

Finding the right legal strategy is sometimes the most difficult process, experience is the only out.


Gain piece of mind

We know that legal battles can be exhausting. You can breathe easy knowing we are on board.


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