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Family Law Overview

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Divorce - Child Custoday  - Child Support - Domestic Relations


Family and Domestic Relation Lawyer in Broward and Palm Beach


A sudden or drawn-out divorce certainly affects every aspect of your life. All the way from your relationship with your children, your marital property, and also your sense of personal identity. The Neighborhood Law Firm's divorce lawyer, Carl Berry is experienced in assisting people get through the process of divorce and move on with their new lives.


A divorce definitely affects a family both emotionally and financially. The more stressful the divorce becomes, the higher the emotional and financial toll will be on all parties involved.


The children in particular can be negatively affected by arguments between their parents. Our lawyers will work hard to preserve your positive relationship with your children, while moving toward an amicable divorce. Along with a stable child custody arrangement that is truly in the best interests of your children primarily.


In most cases, a divorce lawyer at our law firm is able to resolve divorces quickly and efficiently through a negotiated settlement. However, if the other side is unreasonable, we are willing and able to represent your interests aggressively in court. Our lawyers are experienced in resolving all issues that can arise in divorce, including:


Personalized Legal Service for Divorce - Child Custody - Visitation - Child Support - Domestic Relations 


Litigation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements


Spousal Support / Alimony


Child custody and visitation


Separation agreements


Child support


Our divorce attorney will also help clients resolve other problems that may arise after separation, such as child custody modification, child support and spousal support modification, as well as enforcement of existing visitation and child support orders.

For a consultation or for information about your legal rights in a divorce or any other family law matters, please contact the Neighborhood Law Firm in Broward and Palm Beach, FL - 954-323-6712 / 561-910-0900




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