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The Bank is trying to Foreclosure your home! We can help!

How do I know if my bank is foreclosing on my home?


Foreclosures often start with a letter from your mortgage lender's law firm informing you that foreclosure proceedings have begun. Other homeowners don't find out until they are actually served with foreclosure papers. Before that happens, the bank will record a pending with the county clerk to give public notice that legal action has started against your property.


What should I do if I'm served foreclosure papers?


Make it a priority to set an appointment with a real estate foreclosure defense attorney right away. You will have exactly twenty (20) days to respond to the foreclosure lawsuit, excluding the day it was served to you. If you fail to respond in a timely manner - this can result in the lender winning the lawsuit by non-action on your behalf. This ultimately involves the bank or lender taking possession of your property.


How will my attorney respond to the foreclosure?


Right after you've been served with a foreclosure notice / complaint, your attorney will file a reply and Affirmative Defenses or a Motion to Dismiss. The Answer and Affirmative Defenses state the reasons why you missed your mortgage payments. You may deny, admit or state a challenge to each of the lender's specific charges or claims. Furthermore, your attorney may raise jurisdictional challenges or may argue that the wrong party filed suit because the note on your property was sold to another mortgage company, which happens a good bit. At the Strategic Legal Group we can be the lawyers that save your house, property, and way of life!


Other Options:


Mortgage Modification


Short Sale

Bankruptcy Work Out







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