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What Our Clients Say About Us?

Carl D. Berry, Esq. is an excellent attorney, who is very thorough and knowledgeable of the law.


Jeffrey N. Torain

Carl is the type of person that surprises you. On a regular basis. Just when you're sure you know the breadth and depth of his talent and resources, you get surprised. There's always more. 

Integrity is probably the word I'd say best fits Carl. You know you're going to see his end of the deal kept. With no surprises. And that still surprises me more than anything else.


Damon Abrahmson

Mr. Terrell won a case granting me a restraining order against the former owner of my company. Mr. Terrell than litigated several matters involving my new business. He is an excellent attorney who understood all of my business problems. Mr. Terrell not only provided me with effective legal advice, but he also supported me and took care to make sure that I understood the legal issues at hand. I have all confidence in Mr. Terrell’s legal skills, and trust him completely to represent me and to litigate any matter in my favor if necessary.



I have collaborated with Mr. Berry on a few legal matters and have found him a great legal resource. He is a highly intelligent attorney who excels in representing his clients. If I have a question in bankruptcy, debt or business law, I call him. I recommend him as an attorney..


Peggy Urbaneja

Law Offices of Peggy Urbaneja